Gdlite Solar Lighting System 8017

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Gdlite Solar Lighting System 8017

  • GD lite has a 3 bulb and a cp charger

  • solar panel in a rainy season the battery cannot be full charge by solar panel do not use when the light getting dim.other wise will damage the battery

Built-In 6V4Ah Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery Wide Voltage Range 110-240V, 50/60Hz

Charging Time 13-15 Hours Using 9V 3-7W Solar Panel(Max Input Less Than 7W)

Dc 6V Output (Can Charge Up To 4 Items At One Time)

Usb Mobile Phone Charging Function 2 X 3W + 1 X 2W Bulb

GDlite GD-8017 Plus Solar Lighting System Kit (Black)

Want a source of light that you can use even when there's no electricity around? Then check out the GD Lite Lighting Solar System. Utilizing renewable solar energy, this illuminating device is a must have during blackouts and emergency situations. 

No longer do you have to rely on that wall socket for lighting. Solar energy provides you with continuous current for illuminating and charging of mobile devices. Aside from being useful during times of need, the GD Lite Lighting Solar System is also handy for outdoor events and overnight trips. It also comes with a solar panel, an electronic control unit, LED lamps and a charge kit for other gadgets. 

This device is also user-friendly and easy-to-assemble. It has also been proven to be noise-free, allowing you the enjoy the chirps and crickets from the great outdoors or the peace and quiet of the night. 


Say goodbye to the dark times and harness the awesome power of the sun with the GD Lite Lighting Solar System.