Portable Nylon Clothes Hanger Rope 2pcs.

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2PCS. RANDOM COLOR Clothesline with 5m Portable Nylon Clothes Hanger Rope and Durable Stainless-Steel Hook | Anti Slip Laundry Drip Drier Clothesline Rope for Travel Clothesline Home Camping 

Instant Hanging Ropes
Need a rope line to hang your laundry? You’re in luck: Windproof Clothesline (TM) is here! This set of 4 hanging ropes in various colors can be set as clotheslines in a flash. Adjust the rope, attach the hooks to a pole, and the clotheslines are ready for your laundry. The hooks are strong, so wind can’t swipe away your boxers, or even your wet jeans or denim. Super fast and reliable! 


  • - Quick clotheslines setup 
  • - Strong hooks 
  • - Perfect for travel 
  • - Premium nylon and stainless steel
  • -3pcs. Random Color

Travel Laundry Maker – Guaranteed!
This rope line is lightweight, so it’s great for your travels. At cramped motels or wild outdoor camps, the retractable clotheslines are perfect for a very windy place or an extreme place and can help hang dry your clothes with little space. With the adjustable length, you will avoid the trouble of twisting and knotting. The nylon and stainless steel material used will also make both the rope line and hooks stay durable for lifetime usage. You can even put these clotheslines on a fence and voila... you get yourself fence clotheslines!

Material: Nylon rope
Color: Vary
Weight: 8.1 ounces
Size: 0.4" x 196.9"
Packaging: 5.5" x 8.3" x 2.8"

(c) Windproof Clothesline (TM) – All Rights Reserved

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  • EASY TO INSTALL AND DRYING YOUR CLOTHES NATURALLY --- This outdoor clothesline is a set of 4 colorful, 5m clothesline ropes. Adjust rope length, set a hook, and place hangers in under a minute. Super quick installation! You don’t need to buy an electric dryer or using machine wash to dry your laundry, because hanging your laundry at outdoor is natural and sunshine is eliminating bacteria. All you need is this portable clothesline!
  • ULTRA STURDY HOOKS --- The retractable clothesline has two hooks with fence type design. So, you can wrap it around ANYTHING and hook it to itself to hold it up! Fasten on a pole or to its own rope, so it’ll be locked tightly in place to resist wind without loosening.
  • ULTIMATELY TRAVEL LAUNDRY CLOTHESLINE --- The hanging ropes are lightweight and portable. Bunk beds at inn, tent poles on camp, or as a fence clothesline at home, the clothesline rope will hang dry your clothes without wasting space! If this clothes line is not lightweight enough to hang your clothes, feel-free to return it to us and get your money back guarantee within 30 days!
  • PREMIUM NYLON MATERIAL --- Our laundry line made of nylon rope to resists tear and prevents slips, while the stainless-steel hooks provide the strong grip and resist rust. They’ll stay durable for a very long time! Also, this clothes lines can hang bathmats, heavy towel, or clothes at the same time!